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20 January 2023

We think the Gold Coast is setting a new standard when it comes to hotel accommodation: there are numerous beachside villages with more than a dose of sea views, soulful and elegant accommodations that allow for plenty of rest and relaxation, modest accommodations on the luxury interior and style. withdrawals

Gold Coast is the ultimate destination for a weekend getaway. Whether you're traveling from near or far, we have the perfect hotels for you to have fun. Here are 13 of the best Gold Coast hotels where you can rest your head in 2023.

El Langham


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El LanghamIt is Australia's newest luxury resort and rises like a gleaming tower as it is the tallest of Surfers Paradise's three distinctive Jewel Towers. With 17 different types of elegant rooms and suites, direct access to the beach, panoramic sea views and stunning inland views, TEr Langham, Gold Coast y Jewel Residencesoffers an unrivaled level of five-star accommodation on the Gold Coast. The magnificent 339-room luxury destination is also the first direct beachfront hotel to be built on the Gold Coast in over 30 years.El LanghamIt houses sumptuous facilities that include one of the main attractions of the hotel; a huge beachfront lagoon pool with swim-up bar and spa,Sea Balneario, a 5,300-square-foot holistic wellness retreat with indoor and outdoor pools and a world-class offering of six restaurants and bars, includingspike plate, a Michelin star restaurant.

Dorsett Goldküste

wide beach

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Dorsett Goldküsteit is Australia's first Dorsett Hotel and when it opened in December 2021 it certainly made a splash. located withinThe star, the elegantdorsetthas 313 elegant hotel rooms, all equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, stunning views of the coastline, ocean, and inland, and king-size beds in every room. If you're not happy with a king-size bed, you need to reconsider your priorities. While the rooms are definitely impressive, it's the hotel's amenities and location that make Dorsett one of the Gold Coast's premier hotels. You have exclusive access toislet pool club, a 40-foot rooftop heated infinity pool, direct connection to The Star and all its venues, as well as the hotel's executive lounge on level 19. We love that all of the stunning artwork in the hotel is designed by the Gold Coast locals. Stay at one of the newest hotels on the Gold Coast and we promise you'll keep coming back.



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The Gold Coast's newest accommodation experience has just been unveiled and to say it's unique is an understatement.qtQTit is a unique stay experience; an urban open-air rooftop oasis tucked away in the heart of Surfers Paradise, with six deluxe staterooms that make you feel like you've been whisked away to a tropical retreat. Sounds mysterious? Is heintime qtQT-KabinenEach features a private balcony, ultra-luxurious amenities, and sleeps two, all set in a lush green oasis. qtQT sets itself apart from other Gold Coast accommodation with its curated experiences - you don't just stay in a hotel, you design your dream stay. Your personal "sun curator" will help you design your perfect retreat with personalized activities like rooftop yoga, sushi making, and whiskey tasting.Yamagen, and aexclusive SpaQ package.

JW Marriot

surfparadies13 of the best Gold Coast hotels in 2023 (4)

JW MarriotSurfers Paradise underwent a major renovation in 2020, worth $35 million to be precise. So what does a $35 million renovation look like? Well, we're talking about a total renovation of the Marriott's 223 rooms and suites, as well as the two original Marriott restaurants, lobby lounge, bar, and pool bar. JW Marriott Signature Teppanyaki Restaurant,Way, featuring Japanese-inspired dining experiences including a cozy izakaya, tea room, sushi bar and Japanese whiskey bar with a stunning new outdoor terrace. We are happy to confirm that drinking Japanese whiskey while watching the sunset never goes out of style.citric acid, the Marriott's flagship restaurant, now features a new interactive show kitchen that places locally sourced produce and seafood at the center of its exquisite daily menu. stop lookingone of the best hotels on the costa doradabecause you found it

QT Goldküste

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Hepeculiar placeLocated in the heart of the surfing district, it is the perfect place to rest in the playground of the party.QTIt has everything you could want, so to speak, so you may not even step foot outside the door. Firstly, it has some of the best restaurants on the coast. The Bazaar dining room offers dishes from around the world, from freshly shucked oysters and jumbo prawns to a pizza station and the most epic dessert bar – wear stretch pants for that. There is also a modern Japanese restaurant.Yamagen, paradisiacal cocktailsstingray lounge, and a nice coffee for your morning coffee. They have an awesome pool andSpa, as well as free use of the retro cruiser bike so you can explore Surfers Paradise. This is a hotel you wouldn't want to have a one night stand with...

The island

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The islandThis is how you would like your home to be: all the fresh and elegant atmosphere that nature brings to your lush white walls. The iconic venue boasts a vibrant, spacious and contemporary style that exudes luxury and relaxation while making you feel like you're on your way to paradise. diving inThe islandExperience and stay in one of 98 luxurious boutique rooms and suites, each with stunning views over Surfers Paradise CBD or inland Gold Coast. Home to the Gold Coast's largest rooftop bar and expansive outdoor terrace.the roof of the islandbrings freshness back to the tourist district's night scene with a DJ, a retro-style cocktail bar, plenty of seating, corners and one of the best Sunday sets on the coast. In 2022, stop looking for one of the best Gold Coast hotels because you've found it here.

versace palace

main beach

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There's something about posh hotels that we love: whether it's the prime location, the stunning rooms, or just the fluffy bathrobes, there's something special about them. And when a hotel meets all of these criteria, you know you're staying at one of the best hotels on the Gold Coast.versace palaceit is exactly that: an exclusive beachfront location, spectacular architecture, opulent accommodation, exceptional service and an atmosphere of pure glamour. Indulge in luxury in one of the 200 light-filled and artistically designed rooms before feasting thereaward winning restaurants- From fine dining to Gold Coast afternoon tea, each restaurant and bar pays homage to the luxe aesthetic of the Versace brand. Palazzo Versace ticks all the boxes as one of the best luxury hotels on the Gold Coast.

The Coastal Motel

Bilinga13 of the best Gold Coast hotels in 2023 (8)

Okay, okay, technically it's a motel, but not a hotel.The Coastal MotelThis is one of our favorite places to spend a night (or more) on the Gold Coast.The Coastal MotelIt has a nostalgic, retro vibe, complete with a white fence and colorful patio armchairs, while the rooms are wonderfully simple and have everything you need for a comfortable vacation (and yes, they do come with a minibar in case you forget something). for one to take away). sleeping hat). A short walk thereMervyn Roysfor your morning cup of coffee and freshly baked scones, then watch the sun rise over the ocean followed by a mid-morning acai bowl (one of our favorites belowniche and company) you will never want to leave. Honestly, we could stay forever.


wide beach13 of the best Gold Coast hotels in 2023 (9)

This hotel is a very special place, worth saving your money and pampering a loved one in your life. It is luxury at its best and has six imaginative stars.Affectionis in frontStar of the Gold Coast, 17 stories high in the sky, right in the heart of Broadbeach. Understand that: the luxury suites offer a choice of billiards rooms, a karaoke room or a private gym, as well as a butler. As if you weren't lucky enough to stay here, there is a bridge that connects the hotel to the casino. Also of particular interest is the infinity pool, which protrudes five meters over the side of the building and sits 67 meters above the ground, offering spectacular views of the coastline. You don't have to leave your seat in the airnineteen in the stara pleasure for your senses and especially for your palate. A stay here should be on your Christmas wish list. Dreams are free, right?

the pink hotel

Coolangatta13 of the best Gold Coast hotels in 2023 (10)

If grams are at the top of your list of profiles when you search for accommodation, then we have the best accommodation for you. Located in the super cool Cooly Beach, the hotel is not to be missedHotel Bonbonrosafarbenes. The Pink Hotel has 17 impressive rooms, including six luxury suites, each with its own identity. They are a mix of rock star and retro chic with a subtle Scandi twist. Expect bright pops of color mixed with powdery jewel tones. There are fur blankets, velvet rugs, neon-lit personalized poems by Coco Loberg, and Smeg fridges stocked with Young Henry beers. When you're ready to catch some of those beautiful GC rays, head upstairs to the rooftop where cabana-style beds await and offer some of the most incredible views on the coast. Thirsty? The Santeria rooftop bar keeps it cool with numerous cocktails. Our first choice forThe most Instagrammable hotel on the Gold Coast.


Tallbudgeera13 of the best Gold Coast hotels in 2023 (11)

If you've responded "busy" every time someone asks you how you're doing, it might be time to talk.Gwinganna Retreatto rest and relax. While not technically a hotel, this place is a treat for the soul and caters to your every need. Your stay will include all the wonderful wellness lifestyles you can incorporate into your own life, including delicious organic produce, stress relief tips, exercise, relaxation, and how to promote healthier aging. In a society of speed and instant gratification, we believe there is nothing more invigorating and restorative than going slow. Activities range from yoga and Pilates to creative dance, walking and boxing, so whatever you're doing that day, you can do it. When it's time to rest, there isinfinite possibilitiesincluding luxury villas, meditation suites and quaint houses.

Q1 Resort & Spa

surfparadies13 of the best Gold Coast hotels in 2023 (12)

When you're on vacation in Surfers, you can go big too, and there's nothing bigger than the iconic, and 230-meter-tall.Q1 Resort & Spa. Australia's tallest residential tower features state-of-the-art self-contained apartments and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, twinkling city lights and the lush greenery of the hinterland. Add luxury and relax in one of the three swimming pools or be pampered in the award-winning day spa. Hungry? You are in good hands there, too: Osaka Kaiten for first-class Japanese cuisine or Seventy7 Café for an unforgettable meal at dizzying heights. If you are adventurous, conquer thisAscent to the Skypoint viewpointIt is the tallest external building in Australia, offering 360 degree panoramic views from a staggering 270 meters above sea level.

iconic Kirra


You couldn't get any closer to the world class surf spot Kirra Point if you triediconic KirraThe perfect getaway if you want to enjoy the tranquility without the crowds of Surfers Paradise. It offers sea views from all apartment balconies, minimalist yet spacious rooms, a heated pool with mini lap pool, an on-site gym and is surrounded by lovely cafes and amazingly good restaurants.the perfect placeto book your next stay. Kirra is Coolangatta's low-key little sister, but we think both are worth a visit, especially for the wide variety of dining options in the southern Gold Coast seaside towns. Watch the sunrise from your bed and enjoy the salty sea breeze at one of the Gold Coast's leading hotels. You can thank us later.

Now that you've found the best Gold Coast hotels, it's time to take it easy.Gold Coast's Best Massage Spots.

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