16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (2023)

Sometimes you might have a doorless door in your house but you want to separate two rooms or divide one big room into two small ones. In this case, if you don't like these traditional solutions or don't want to lose a lot of the space they take up, you don't have to install the traditional door.

There are some tips for covering a doorless entrance. They will help you decorate your home while increasing your privacy. Some of the alternatives are temporary and you can change them from time to time to freshen up the interior of your home without much hassle. We will see.

How to cover a door without a door

1. Curtains

many people avoidInstall doorsin their homes, opting for more elegant and refined solutions. Curtains are an inexpensive and practical option, since you can change them often. This way you have a whole new interior every time you hang up the new curtains.

Also, you can use a different design for each season or special occasion to separate a specific space.Use curtains to add some color to the room or to cover up an old door..

Curtains are also useful for new mothers who need privacy but want to supervise their babies at the same time. On the other hand, if you have a big family and need some privacy in your bedroom, it is not the best idea.

Put them by the door, but open them as soon as you decide to share your space. Remember that you need a thick model for office use, but it is enough to buy thin curtains for your home.

Installation isn't complicated other than hanging the hardware over itdoor frame🇧🇷 That makes this option handy for everyone.

Choose the fabric and pattern that suits your style and slide it open or closed whenever you decide to limit visibility. There is also an option to use insulated blinds for extra soundproofing.

2. Be

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If you want to avoid installing a door between the dining room and the living room, you can separate them with an elegant bookcase. In this way you transform your door into a useful and unique place.

Not only do you get extra storage space, but you also add visual flair to your room. At the same time, you want to be able to maintain the existing openingInstall them on the doorif needed.

It's up to you to place the bookshelf at the front of the room or take a step forward,Add hinges to one side, and turn it intoat the door.

3. Roman shades

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In most cases you will useRoman blinds to cover your windows🇧🇷 However, you can also install them on your doorat the door🇧🇷 You will find beautiful models made of bamboo or decorative fabrics.

It's actually an excellent solution as you can slide it down whenever you want some privacy or up when you need it. Another option is to hang this cover over a transparent cloth.glass doorfor more privacy.

The big advantage is that there are several models of different sizes on the market. So you can choose exactly the shade that suits your door. Also, you won't have any maintenance problems since you can wash most of them in theWashing machine.

4. Shoji sliding doors

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If you like the Japanese way of life, you can use its tradition and install shojisliding doorbetween two rooms. It provides enough privacy, beautifies your space and lets in some light.

Because they are made of rice paper, these doors are lightweight and you can slide them in and out effortlessly as needed.

5. Barn Doors

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It's an excellent alternative for you if you're the kind of person who wants to avoid traditional swing doors. Also this onesliding doorIt saves a lot of space, which is important when you have a small room.

If you choose a model similar to the color of the wall, the whole room will look elegant and beautiful. Be creative and decorate &Paint your barn dooraccording to your preferences, including folk art.

The advantage of this choice lies in the uncomplicated installation. So, choose it and enjoy its eclectic and rustic decor.

6. Accordion style divider

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It's an excellent idea for a doorless door. Place an elegant accordion-style divider between the rooms you want to separate. It depends on your preferences to install one or choose a mobile option.

7. Screens

16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (6)

In my opinion it is the best possible alternative to covering a door without a door, especially if you live in an open pan apartment. It is also an excellent choice for your very large living room. Place the big screen in the center and set a side table with a vase full of flowers to dress up your space.

As there are different types of this product, you can find fabric, wood or plastic depending on your style and the design of your home. You can also choose a specific pattern, color and size.

Keep in mind that you need a large model to adequately cover an average door. The advantage of this solution is its mobility. That means you can move your portable suitcase whenever you want. Besides, you can fold it up according to your needs when you don't need to cover an entire door or just use it occasionally.

If you're smart and have the necessary tools, making a foldable screen can be an easy DIY project.Use some old blindsor even windows, reused or addnew hinges, and create your own template.

8. Perlenfäden

16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (7)

It was the most popular method in the 70's and 80's, but many people still prefer this way of disguising a doorless door. Because there are different types of beads, you can choose the best shape and color options for your interior.

The downside of this door panel is the lack of privacy it can provide. Pearls are usually transparent and do not providesound insulation.

Elegant strings of pearls, on the other hand, beautify your room without high costs. Use this cover to partition off your living or dining area, but avoid hanging it in the bathroom.

9. Bright tassels

16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (8)

Bright tassels are a stylish, space-saving alternative to door frames. Buy them at your local store and hang them on your door. It's an elegant way to dress up your space and add a little privacy if needed.

unexpected solutions

10. Salon style swing doors

16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (9)

Bring an old-fashioned country bar vibe into your home and install a saloon-style door to separate your space. This model offers some privacy and provides enough light.

11. Wooded Wall

16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (10)

There is a really unique idea that can be used in place of the door.This freestanding wall installationIt goes with almost any design and looks beautiful and stylish in most homes. Place this wall between the rooms you want to separate to block the view while also creating two doors on each side.

12. Background images

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If you want to add a little different color and texture to your home but despise curtains, you can get unique and hang a doormat. This reduces the sound from other rooms and adds quality and elegance to the home design.

13. Sailing

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If you want to divide a large room without installing the door, you can use some rope as an elegant yet inexpensive solution. Make a DIY rope curtain, add a coffee table with small decorations and add some plants around it. This is how you create a kind of flounce in an open living room.

14. Cover or painted canvas

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Choose old handmade quilts for an unexpected effect. Another option is a painted canvas, which will add an artistic touch to the entire interior. If youframe itcomtakesor molds you will get a true work of art that will please everyone.

15. Textiles

16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (14)

In fact, any hanging fabric can replace the door if you do not need complete privacy and silence in the room. Choose an elegant and colorful handcrafted piece to add a little more personality to your home than any door can offer.

16. Entry without a door

16 easy ways to cover a doorless door (15)

In some cases, the best option is to leave the door without a door. Choose the arch of the desired shape and frame it with wooden or plaster decorations. This way you have the illusion of a bright room and a lot of extra space.


Most people prefer to use curtains instead of the door when they decide to remove them for various reasons. However, there are many other options that you can consider to make your home stylish and cozy. Choose one based on your preferences and style, but always keep the cost in mind. Some of the solutions offered are free, but others require you to pay a lot, especially if they require installation.


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