The 15 Best Minecraft Modpacks to Play in 2022 - EnderChest (2023)

There are tons of cool modpacks you can play in Minecraft, but you might be wondering:What is the best minecraft modpack to play in 2022?

Each modpack has different objectives and gameplay. For example, in a skyblock pack there is no land in the game and you have to build on a floating island. In other packs, you can face ferocious dragons in the main world. As you can see, the package you choose is very important and will determine the type of game you play.

Getting started with minecraft mods

Since modpacks are not included in the base Minecraft game, you will have to download third-party launchers or manually install mod files. I recommend using theLanzador Feed The Beast (FTB)when playing modpacks made by FTB (a group of people who make modpacks) or theCursed Forge/Superwolflauncher for other modpacks. The Twitch desktop app used to be a popular way to play modpacks, but it's been replaced by the Overwolf launcher.

Launchers make playing modpacks a lot easier. You just choose a package from the list and it automatically installs it for you. Note that normally you will need to log in with your real Minecraft username and password. This is safe when using reputable launchers like CurseForge or FTB. Be careful giving your Minecraft username and password to less popular launchers!

Each modpack runs on different versions of Minecraft (e.g. 1.7, 1.10, 1.12, 1.16, etc.). This is because each mod only supports certain versions of the game. The version the package runs on will have a big impact on the types of mods included.

Here is a list of the 15 best and most popular Minecraft modpacks to play in 2022:

1. SkyFactory 4 Mod Pack

SkyFactory 4 (SF4) is definitely one of the most fun modpacks you can play in Minecraft. It's skyblock on steroids, and from the name you can probably guess what it'll be doing. Build a factory in the sky, of course!

You'll start out on a small patch of land with a tree, which is standard for all Skyblock maps. You will need to progress through the pack to expand your island and obtain all other items in the game. Progression will lead you to get resources from special trees, make a mob farm, generate energy and finally apply all thebest minecraft enchantments.

It's quite different from Sky Factory 3 (SF3), for example, there's no more resource sorting. Most of the resources are obtained from trees in this version and there is also nodraconic evolution🇧🇷 There are many different skyblock variations, however SkyFactory 3 and 4 are the most popular variants.

SkyFactory 4 is definitely worth checking out if you want to play a Minecraft modpack in 2022. For more information on Sky Factory 4, the makers of MinecraftI made a good post going through it..

The official download page can be foundhere, or you can use the CurseForge launcher to download and play it.

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2. Modpack Stoneblock 2 (FTB)

The 15 Best Minecraft Modpacks to Play in 2022 - EnderChest (2)

Stone Block 2 (SB2)It's similar to skyblock or SkyFactory, but it's the complete opposite. Instead of building in a totally empty world in the sky, you're building in a world full of stone and need to carve out aunderground base.

It can be annoying to mine stones at first, but once you get an RFTools Builder it becomes much easier to mine large amounts of stones. Personally I found this to be a really fun modpack to play with and I definitely recommend trying it out.

This pack uses the Project E mod, which can be a bit overwhelming as it allows you to exchange most items for other items (using the EMC system). For example, you can exchange 100 gems for 100 EMC and then use this EMC to buy other items like diamonds or iron. The package also includesdraconic evolution, which unlocks a ton of endgame content to keep you busy.

Once you accumulate a large amount of EMC, the game is a bit like creative mode in that you can instantly obtain almost any item in the game. You could practically even build onecasa minecraftof diamond blocks! However, the EMC system can be good because it allows you to exchange your "trash" for EMC and buy more valuable things like diamonds.

A cool idea for a base in this game is to use the Builder to excavate a large dome, then use the glowing blocks to create a fake sky, clouds and sun. This process is fully automated with Block Builder and you don't need to manually break and place every block.

if you are wonderingWhich Minecraft modpack should I play in 2022?, I recommend Stoneblock 2. As one of my favorite modpacks, I also made acool stoneblock 2 guideto help you with some getting started tips.

To play this pack, download theusing official FTB launcheron your website.

3. Modpack RLCraft

This "real life" style Minecraft modpack features more realistic graphics and very challenging gameplay. This pack is a good choice for veteran players who are bored with Minecraft and want to drastically change their gameplay.

Many core mechanics are changed in this pack tomake minecraft survival a challenge🇧🇷 There can be dragons flying around in the main world and you can be shot dead just by walking around! You do not believe me? Just check out the video above for a preview of what you can expect. This pack is not for the faint of heart and the creator even warns players that they will "die... a lot".

Despite being so challenging, RLCraft is one of thethe most popular minecraft modpacks🇧🇷 In fact, as of January 2022, it is the most downloaded modpack ever on CurseForge with 10.7 million downloads.

Are you ready for the Minecraft challenge of a lifetime?RLCraft can be downloaded here.

4. Pacote de mods Infinity Evolved (FTB)

The 15 Best Minecraft Modpacks to Play in 2022 - EnderChest (3)
FTB Infinity Evolved (IE) is a “kitchen sink” modpack, meaning it is a general all-purpose modpack that can facilitate many playstyles. It has most popular minecraft mods and two difficulty modes: normal and expert.

(Video) Complete Ender Chest Guide for Survival Servers

Infinity Evolved's expert mode is a way to lengthen the game by making recipes more difficult. You'll need a lot more blocks and items to craft things, which makes the pack take longer to progress. If you find that you are finishing modpacks too quickly, you should definitely look into IE's expert mode.

This package is best if you want more freedom to do whatever you want. For example, with the SkyFactory 4 modpack, you need to build a floating base on the island and there is no other option. With this package, there are so manyMinecraft Building Ideas(which are not floating island bases).

As this is a Feed The Beast (FTB) modpack, it is playable and downloadableusing official FTB launcher.

5. Modpack Valhelsia 3

Most modpacks run on older versions of Minecraft, however, Valhelsia 3 runs on Minecraft 1.16, which is a newer version than most other modpacks. This means you will have more updated content in Minecraft, but some popular mods will be missing as they run on older versions. For example, some popular mods missing from this pack include: Draconic Evolution, Tinker's Construct, and EnderIO.

You'll still find a lot of great mods in this pack, including some of my favorites: Botania, Biomes O' Plenty (adds a lot of new mods).minecraft biomes!) and immersive engineering. If you want to experience a more up-to-date version of Minecraft and still have mods, then Valhelsia 3 is a great option for you.

This modpack can be downloaded in the CurseForge launcher or yourCurseForge page here.

6. Regrowth Modpack (FTB)

Recrowth is a themed pack with a quest chain that guides you through the pack's objectives. The general theme is that you start out in a lost world and need to progress to "reclaim" the world. This pack can be a unique twist for players who like to "rebuild" the world, like in Skyblock packs.

The progression in this pack is definitely a little slower and the mobs can be stronger, so this pack can be more challenging to play. As the progression is slower than most other packs, you will also get more hours of entertainment with this pack. It will also be more difficult to defend against monsters, as it will be slower to get the proper equipment to defend yourself.

Regrowth is a Feed The Beast (FTB) Modpack and can be played using the launcher downloaded fromyour site.

7. Project Ozone 3 Modpack

The 15 Best Minecraft Modpacks to Play in 2022 - EnderChest (4)


(Video) I Played the WORLD'S HARDEST Minecraft Modpack..

Project Ozone 3 (PO3) is another skyblock type map that incorporates different recipe difficulties (like the infinite evolved pack). There's normal mode, titan mode, and kappa mode, each progressively more difficult.

There are a few different map types to try out with this pack, including Skylands, Garden of Glass, Frozen, etc. I personally prefer SF4 for skyblock, but if you want a more challenging version of skyblock, try PO3.

This package can be downloadedhereor played through the CurseForge launcher.

8. Modpack de Agrarian Skies 2

Agrarian Skies 2 (AS2) is a mission and objective based skyblock. If you are new to minecraft mods this pack would be great for learning the basics. The quest book will guide you through the progression step by step.

One big difference between this pack and SF4 is that there is no Mystical Agriculture mod. This makes this pack a bit harder and less powerful. With Mystical Agriculture in SF4, you can "grow" almost any item in the game, including diamonds, obsidian, withered skeleton skulls, etc. In this pack, you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way and get your diamonds by sifting and obsidian from lava and water.

This is not an FTB package so you will needdownload modpack minecraft hereor use the CurseForge launcher.

9. Breakthrough Mod Pack (FTB)

The 15 Best Minecraft Modpacks to Play in 2022 - EnderChest (5)
Revelation is another "kitchen sink" pack, similar to the Infinity Evolved pack. This is a newer pack running on version 1.12 of the game (while Infinity Evolution runs on 1.7), so the mods will be different. Includes newer mods that may not have existed when Infinity Evolved was created, and does not include older mods that haven't been updated to version 1.12.

It is the biggest modpack created by FTB, with more than 200 mods included. You may need a more powerful computer to get the most out of this pack and all the mods it offers.

This package is good if you are looking for an all-purpose package that has no limitations on what it can do. However, if you're new to mod, the 200 mods can be overwhelming and make it difficult to learn how to play.

As this is a Feed The Beast (FTB) modpack, it is playable and downloadableusing official FTB launcher.

10. Modpack de Farming Valley

The 15 Best Minecraft Modpacks to Play in 2022 - EnderChest (6)

Farming Valley is a modpack inspired by Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. If you played any of these games and enjoyed them, definitely check out the Farming Valley Minecraft modpack.

In this pack, you will build a city and plant/harvest/sell crops to earn money to progress. Farming in this pack has been modified and will be more challenging than in standard Minecraft. The NPC Goddess of the Harvest (who you must summon at the beginning) will guide you through the progression in this pack.

(Video) 12 Amazing Minecraft Mods (1.19.2 and other versions) For Forge & Fabric!

To download and play this pack, visit CurseForgepage hereor use your launcher.

11. DireWolf20 Mod Pack (FTB)

DireWolf20 is a popular YouTuber and this pack is essentially a collection of the mods used in his videos. It is another general all-purpose kitchen sink package that has become quite popular.

One advantage of playing with this pack is that you can watch its videos, play the game and learn the mods.

As this is a Feed The Beast (FTB) modpack, it is playable and downloadableusing official FTB launcher.

12. Sky Adventures Mod Pack (FTB)

Sky Adventures is another skyblock map similar to SkyFactory but with slightly different mods.

One big difference is that this pack has the Project E mod (like Stone Block 2). This mod allows you to exchange items for other items using a currency called EMC. If you've played Stoneblock 2 before and liked the look of Project E, but prefer a Skyblock map, Sky Adventures would be a good choice to play.

Losthe download page can be found here.

13. Modpack Stuck Forever

The 15 Best Minecraft Modpacks to Play in 2022 - EnderChest (7)

Forever Stranded (FS) is similar to the Regrowth pack in that you play on a "wasteland" type of map. You start in a crashed plane and have to defend yourself quickly because the night mobs are much more challenging than in regular Minecraft.

While Forever Stranded is a bit older, it's worth a try if you've played all the other packs. Thethe download page can be found here.

14. Beyond (FTB) Modpack

FTB Beyond is another general purpose modpack for kitchen sinks that runs on Minecraft version 1.10. It will have slightly different mods for Revelation and Direwolf20 (running on 1.12 and 1.16 respectively) and Infinity Evolved (running on 1.7).

If you are an experienced modded Minecraft player, you can check the mods list to see which pack has more of your favorite mods included. If you're a newer mod player, it might be best to start with other, more popular packs like Infinity Evolved, or a progression-based pack to teach you packs like Agrarian Skies 2.

(Video) Minecraft But It's One Modded Block (#4)

15. SevTech: Ages Modpack

SevTech: Ages is a modpack based on 1.12 and is heavily progression based. Content is divided into different "ages" and you must progress through each age to unlock content. New recipes become available, new mobs appear, and new ores appear as you progress through the ages.

This pack is not your typical "kitchen sink" modpack and is quite unique from the other packs. Thethe download page can be found here.


Is RLCraft a good Modpack? ›

RLCraft has emerged as one of the most popular modpacks out there, in part thanks to Shivaxi's brilliant videos introducing his ultra-difficult Minecraft modpack. RLCraft was also somewhat recently updated, which significantly nerfs to otherwise game-breaking features.

What is Minecraft's biggest Modpack? ›

The Biggest Modpack contains 25+ dimensions, 250+ biomes and 55000+ items. Mods will be updated and added new at each update. Modpack is unstable therefore server files are not included.

What is the most realistic Modpack? ›

1) Mo' Bends. Mo' Bends is the most downloaded realistic Minecraft mod. In vanilla Minecraft, movements from the player and every other mob seems very stiff but everything changes with this mod. Mobs such as spiders have different movement animations, making them realistic spiders.

How much RAM is RLCraft? ›

Moreover, the RLCraft mod's creator insists that the server hosting also requires allocating 3 to 4 GB of RAM.

What modpack should i play? ›

If you're asking yourself Which Minecraft modpack should I play in 2022, I highly recommend Stoneblock 2. As one of my favorite modpacks, I have also made a nifty Stoneblock 2 guide to help you with some starter tips. What is this? To play this pack, download the using the official FTB launcher on their website.

What was Minecraft's first mod? ›

It's tough to pinpoint the very first mod ever created, but if I'd have to point one out that really pushed modding into the mainstream Minecraft community, I would have to say the Aether. I mean the developer of that mod is now on the Mojang team, so I think that's a clear show of how much influence it had.

What is the oldest Modpack in Minecraft? ›

One of the earliest modpacks was Technic, which was released in Beta 1.7. After being spotlighted by The Yogscast, it became very popular, and inspired further modpacks as well as the Technic launcher.

What's a mod pack? ›

Mod Packs are a combination of numerous Mods into a single pack for ease of use, and are generally designed to work better together.

How many mods does RLCraft have? ›

RLCraft is a Minecraft modpack consisting of approximately 169 separate mods that have been bundled and tweaked to create a challenging Minecraft fantasy world. The modpack is currently on version 2.9. 1, and runs on Minecraft version 1.12. 2.

Which is the best FPS mod? ›

Optifine might be the single most well-known mod in the history of Minecraft. The mod has a reputation for, at the very minimum, doubling the frames per second of the game. It also decreases the spikes of lag that the game can sometimes have, smoothing out gameplay.

Is RLCraft Modpack hardest? ›

RLCraft is usually what people think of when they are asked for the hardest modpack. There is a good reason for this, as RLCraft adds difficulty to almost every aspect of vanilla Minecraft. With hundreds of new and deadly mobs added by this pack, players are guaranteed to be challenged in all aspects of gameplay.

Is 4GB RAM OK for Minecraft? ›

Although Minecraft is not a graphics-intensive game, it does require a relatively powerful laptop to run even at minimum settings. That means your laptop will need at least an Intel® Core™ i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and either an AMD® Radeon™ R5 series or NVIDIA® GeForce 400 graphics card.

Is 1 GB RAM enough for Minecraft? ›

For most players goofing around with a few friends, 1GB of RAM for their Minecraft server is more than sufficient—especially if they optimize their server experience.

Is RLCraft laggy? ›

RLCraft uses a mod called "Lycanite Mobs" to generate new and dangerous creatures to your world. These monsters can be a real challenge to take down and provide an extra level to exploring in the modpack. Excessive mob spawning is normally the cause for lag issues like "Ghost Blocks" and "Block Lag".

What is the final boss in RLCraft? ›

Amalgalich is one of the final bosses of RLCraft along with Asmodeus and Rahovart. This is widely considered the hardest boss of the modpack.

What is CurseForge? ›

What is CurseForge? CurseForge is a gaming website where you can download video game modifications and add-ons for titles like World of Warcraft, MineCraft and StarCraft II. CurseForge is also an authoring platform, which provides templates for building new game modifications.

How much RAM does a big Modpack need? ›

If you're planning on heavily modding Minecraft, 8GB of RAM is a good place to start, with more being better. This 8GB of RAM minimum is an excellent baseline for any modern gaming experience.

How much RAM does my Modpack need? ›

4GB – This plan includes most modpacks. For modpacks up to 35-40 mods or plugins, this is the best choice for you. 5-10GB – These plans are able to support over 40 mods or plugins. Above 6gb of ram includes all one-click install modpacks we offer.

What is the first mod? ›

DescriptionOne of the very first popular mods was a parody of the original Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple II in the early 1980s, called Castle Smurfenstein. The mod replaced the Nazi enemies in the game with Smurfs.

What is the girlfriend mod in Minecraft? ›

The Girlfriend is a tameable mob in the OreSpawn mod. They can fight for the player. Girlfriends will wear the Pink Tourmaline set and the Tiger's eye set from the Crystal dimension.

What is Minecraft's first item? ›

Fun fact: cobblestone was actually one of the very first two blocks in Minecraft, alongside grass.

Is RLCraft a mod or Modpack? ›

RLCraft is a Minecraft modpack consisting of approximately 169 separate mods that have been bundled and tweaked to create a challenging Minecraft fantasy world. The modpack is currently on version 2.9. 1, and runs on Minecraft version 1.12.

Can dragons break blocks RLCraft? ›

A block of dragon bones can be crafted using 9 dragon bones. They can be used to build a dragonforge or as a base defense; even dragons cannot break them. They display placement behavior similar to bone blocks or logs.

What is the strongest boss in RLCraft? ›

Amalgalich is one of the final bosses of RLCraft along with Asmodeus and Rahovart. This is widely considered the hardest boss of the modpack.

What is the easiest boss in RLCraft? ›

Rahovart is one of the three final bosses of RLCraft, along with Asmodeus and Amalgalich. He is widely considered the easiest boss, but is still a very difficult challenge.

Is Nether in RLCraft hard? ›

The Nether in RLcraft is much more hard than regular vanilla Minecraft. This is mainly due to the: Heat. Thirst.

How long is a year in RLCraft? ›

Seasons have 3 stages: early, middle, and late. Each stage is 7 days long, making each season 21 days long.

Does RLCraft have OptiFine? ›

Installing Optifine

Normally you download optifine and double click it to install it to the main minecraft launcher. In the case of people playing this mod via Twitch or Technic launchers after downloading optifine you simply add the file to the mod folder that is running your RLCraft modpack.

Is the Ender Dragon a mod? ›

The Ender Dragon is one of Minecraft's boss mobs, which has been hugely expanded by the mod. It has the same appearance as the vanilla Ender Dragon.

Can you tame dragons in RLCraft? ›

Wild dragons can only be tamed in creative with a special dragon meal (If you're on the updated version of Ice and Fire). To tame your own dragon you must find a Dragon cave that inhabits a Stage 4-5 Female dragon and slay it.

Can you fly in RLCraft? ›

RLCraft introduces flying and swimming mounts to the game, some of which can be summoned using a Summoning Staff and some which act more like vanilla mounts.

What Modpack is SSundee? ›

As played by: SSundee, Sigils, Henwy, BiffleWiffle, and JeromeASF.


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