The 8 best textile adhesives for every situation | sewing hackers (2023)

The 8 best textile adhesives for every situation | sewing hackers (1)

Written byJessica| updated in7. November 2022

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best for clothes

The 8 best textile adhesives for every situation | sewing hackers (2)

Tear Mender Instant Adhesive for Fabric and Leather

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best glue for fabric

The 8 best textile adhesives for every situation | sewing hackers (3)

Aleene's Platinum Bond Super Adhesive Canvas, 2 ounces

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best for patches

The 8 best textile adhesives for every situation | sewing hackers (4)

Original Gutermann HT2 textile adhesive with a new and improved recipe

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Finding a fabric glue that you know will work for what you need is not easy.

In this article, I'll take a look at some of the most versatile, affordable, and non-toxic textile glues on the market.

1. Tear Mender Instant Adhesive: Best fabric adhesive for clothing


Formula:All-natural liquid latex

Dry season:3 minutes

Binding Durability:Continuo

Best use in:Fabrics, leathers, sports equipment, furniture, car upholstery, nautical upholstery, crafts and industrial clothing

not toxic

acid free

Machine washable fabric glue - waterproof

Bonding requires no heat or solvents.

UV resistant

What I like

This is one of the most trusted brands out there. You can't go wrong. It is a versatile adhesive designed to hold a variety of different fabrics permanently and flexibly.
This glue is perfect to keep in your bag, since it's handy in a variety of situations.

Fast dry
One of the most notable things about Tear Mender is how quickly it dries. Dries to a strong bond in 3 minutes. This is perfect for quick repairs. This binding also dries quickly and is machine washable in 15 minutes.

What I do not like

short useful life
One of my main problems with the Tear Mender is that it has a short lifespan. It usually only lasts about 1 year, and in some cases less. This is a problem because fabric glue tends to last a long time on most people. In most cases, more than one year is preferred.

It does not work on all fabrics.
Be careful when using Tear Mender. While it is versatile, it does have some limitations. This glue damages silk, nylon, and polyester.
There are some fabrics that it works on, but it's not as effective. These include leather and Velcro. Although it creates a bond, it is not always guaranteed that it will create a lasting bond.


Made from natural, non-toxic chemicals.

Dries within three minutes of application.

WATERPROOF: The fabric can be washed or placed in water.

No heat is required for application.

Suitable for heavy fabrics, upholstery, leather and vinyl.

Clear finish so no smudges or residue shows



Doesn't stick well to velcro

The shelf life is only one year.

Depending on use, it may dry out too quickly.

Not recommended for silk, fabrics with a high polyester content or nylon.

who should buy

Tear Mender is the best permanent textile glue. It is a versatile and powerful fabric adhesive. Not only does it work with a variety of fabrics and surfaces, but it also dries very quickly. This makes this textile adhesive perfect for quick repairs. If the fabric tears, don't worry, the Tear Mender will create a permanent bond in three minutes.
If you need a strong, powerful and fast fabric glue, Tear Mender is the best option.

2. Aleene Platinum Bond Adhesive – Bester Textilkleber


Dry season:2-6 standard

washing time:72 standard

Binding Durability:Continuo



Machine washable

industrial link strength

Solvent-based adhesive

Dries to a clear substance

Compatible materials: felt, leather, denim, canvas, satin, vinyl, cotton, and polyester blend

What I like

Binds heavy materials
The best thing about this glue is that it works very well on heavy materials. It is strong enough to bond materials such as leather, denim, canvas, and cotton. This adhesive also adheres well to small seams or seams.

application advice

The application tip is easy to handle and maneuver around corners. Allows you to apply exactly the amount of glue you need. This is great for creating seams or applying glue around corners.

What I do not like

long drying time
While this glue is great for thicker materials, it takes a long time to dry. Making a normal joint takes between 2 and 6 hours depending on the amount of glue. If you want to make a bong that is waterproof, you have to wait at least 72 hours. This is a big disadvantage if you are looking for a quick solution.


It comes with a plastic applicator tip.

It quickly adheres to the fabric.

You can glue resistant decorations to fabrics.

It will not fade when used.

Non-toxic, so it is not harmful to the skin.


messy to use

It will not work with felt or other fluffy materials.

You have to wait 72 hours for it to be machine washable.

has a pungent odor

who should buy

This glue is excellent for repairing or joining fabric. This glue is great for thick fabrics and creates a permanent bond. This is an ideal glue when working with many heavy fabrics.
Remember that for the bond to last, you must be patient. If you can't wait for the joint to seal, then this is a strong fabric adhesive that can solve any problem.

3. Original Gutermann HT2: Best Fabric Patch Glue


Dry season:5 minutes

washing time:30 minutes

Binding Durability:Continuo

Made for use on almost all fabrics

Machine and dry clean after 30 minutes.

Forms an elastic and flexible bong.

Compatible materials: metal, fabric, leather, crafts, jewelry, wood, PVC, wool and thread

What I like

Works on multiple surfaces and fabrics.
It is useful for various materials such as denim, linen, wool, and cotton. It works on any fabric you can use and sticks decorative elements like ribbons. This is a versatile glue that can be useful in a variety of situations.

This fabric is great because if you want a faster connection you can use heat. The application of heat creates a faster connection.
Once the connection is made, the glue is also heat resistant. That means if you iron it or put it in the dryer, the bond won't come undone.

The adhesive forms a flexible bond so it stretches and moves with fabric without compromising comfort.

What I do not like

requires heat
The application of heat is both positive and negative. While it helps create a stronger, faster seal, it is more difficult. While other adhesives create a seal after drying naturally, this adhesive requires heat.

This glue is expensive. While it is extremely strong, you don't get a lot of glue for the price. If you use this glue frequently, it's important to consider the price, as there are many other inexpensive alternatives that may work better depending on your situation.


It works on a variety of surfaces.


Machine washable

Elastic trim allows movement without damaging the fabric.


Heat is required for most effective application.

who should buy

This glue is a great buy if you are looking for a fabric glue that can be used on any fabric. It is versatile enough to be used on all surfaces including plastic and metal with ease.
I recommend buying this glue if you want to spend less than $10 and don't need to use it.

4. Aleene's 36116 Original Tacky Glue: Best fabric glue for denim


Dry season:2 standard

Binding Durability:Continuo

Formula:not toxic


Extremely tacky white formula adhesive

Adjustable applique tip size.

flexible binding

Machine washable

Non-toxic to the skin.

Compatible materials: foam, wood, metal, paper products, ceramics, non-washable fabrics, cotton, denim, flannel, leather, tricot, ribbons and trims

What I like

Aleene 36116 Original Tacky Glue is ideal for quick repairs, like adding last-minute embellishments to a prom or wedding dress. It's small and easy to hold for better glue management and reduced waste.
The adhesive sticks to objects on contact and bonds permanently to a variety of exterior surfaces including, but not limited to, felt, foam, wood, metal, paper products, ceramics, and non-washable fabrics.

Despite its quick-drying process, it forms flexible seams and is machine washable. You have the option to hand or machine wash without worrying about the ties falling apart.

What I do not like

It does not work on all fabrics.
This glue does not work on all types of fabric. There are certain fabrics that this machine will not bond to. In particular, felt and velcro do not work well. Be sure to choose your fabric wisely and make sure it's compatible.

the glue is liquid
There is a big problem with this glue that it is on the liquid side. This can make this glue very dirty. It is important that you are careful when applying the glue, otherwise you can stain the entire fabric.


durable and non-toxic


does not color


Takes a long time to dry

It cannot be used on thick garments and fabrics.

Will not work with synthetic or elastic fabrics.

who should buy

Textile glue is a good tool for personal use and professional seamstresses. It is suitable for creative projects, as well as for repairing things with minor damage, such as. B. Damage furniture and upholstery and clothing without quickly removing the sewing kit.
It is also more suitable for children as it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage the skin.

5. Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit – Bestes Repair Kit


Dry season:1 standard

Binding Durability:Continuo

Compatible material: car upholstery, carpets, clothing and furniture

Combine popular colors and textures.

What I like

The fabric powders included in the kit can be mixed into many colors by adding them to the marble ball container. Shaking well should allow the colors to blend. More colors can be added at any time to improve the color scheme.
For heavier repair jobs, apply the glue under the edges of the damage. This is one of the advantages for people who want a quick fix, no matter how big or small the damage, since the patch is elastic and does not tear when stretched.
Repairs made with Permatex repair kits are also virtually invisible on upholstery, seats and dashboards for automotive, home and marine applications.

What I do not like

You have to follow each step exactly, which is a bit tricky at first. It is also not recommended for use on major damage.



It works on many fabrics.

No needle is needed to use it

Adjusting colors is easy


Its use is not recommended for major damage.

It can be difficult to use

Gloves are required when using

Can be tricky to apply

who should buy

Anyone can use this adhesive to repair patches or damage, such as torn carpets, auto fabrics, or car seats.
Leather and cloth factories will also benefit from having this on hand as a quick fix item.

6. Odif USA 505 Spray – Best Temporary Fabric Adhesive


Formula:Acid-free and CFC-free

washing time:Clean with soap and water. The fabric can be dry cleaned.

Binding Durability:In the middle

Temporary Fabric Glue for Sewing Quilt Appliques

Avoids the added stiffness of fusible linings

Compatible Materials: Automotive and home textiles, upholstery and rugs, apparel, sewing, appliqué, quilting, and paper craft projects.




What I like

not permanently
This glue does its job very well. It is not a permanent adhesive and will peel off as you would expect. If you put it in hot soapy water, the glue will start to break down. When rubbed, the glue loosens and the bond is gone. This is great for sewing and quilting.

Will not stain or damage fabric.
The worst thing a permanent adhesive can do is leave a stain or damage fabric. This is not a problem with Odif Spray. It washes easily in hot water and leaves no stains or damage.

What I do not like

The spray is difficult to apply.
Since it comes in a spray bottle, it can be difficult to apply. The spray is difficult to locate in corners or on small fabrics. There are other application methods that are more effective for temporary adhesive.

Glue residue quickly
Because it comes in a spray bottle, it tends to go bad very quickly. When applying, a lot of glue is lost during application. It is better to apply when there is no wind. Also, avoid closed spaces as the smell can be quite strong.


Ideal for machine appliqué, quilting, crafts and embroidery.

Holds stabilizer interface in place

Acid free, colorless and odorless.

Will not stain fabric or base material.


You need to be careful when using this as it is sticky.

extremely flammable

In the middle

who should buy

Anyone who works in a company that specializes in arts and crafts projects can use this glue as is.
This is also useful for home repairs, such as mending leather and fabrics, or repairing furniture and appliances, among others.
Students can also use this for their embroidery or craft projects.

7. Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Glue: Best Fabric Glue for Felt


Dry season:Fast dry

washing time:24 hours

Binding Durability:Continuo

flexible fixings


not toxic

Compatible materials: fabric, canvas, lace, trims, ribbons, wood, sequins, paper, glass, drapery, leather, suede, plastic, pearls, jewelry, and rhinestones

What I like

lasting results
This glue instantly adheres to fabrics and other related materials. In addition to its instant nature, the glue provides permanent results.
This adhesive creates a permanent connection in just a few minutes.
In addition, it is washable after 24 hours.

Functional for multiple materials.

It's super functional and effective on various materials including fabric, leather, laces, and wood.
This multifunctional adhesive is also suitable for the thinnest materials. For example, it can also work to match the lace of the fabric.
Most adhesives of this strength will damage the thinnest fabrics. This makes this glue ideal for a variety of situations.

does not leave stains

This effective glue will not stain your fabric leaving stains or stains.
You don't have to worry about visible glue marks when you use this glue.

fine point/opening

It comes with a fine and pointed tip so you can use the glue without wasting it or contaminating your environment.
Fine point tips are always better than regular standard tips.
It allows an application with greater precision and accuracy.

What I do not like

a pungent smell
This glue has a strong and bitter smell.
As a suggestion, I'd like to advise you to use it under a fan or in a well-ventilated space.

It disappears after a week.
If it's not dried properly or washed too soon, the bonds will start to break.
Therefore, it is extremely important that you follow the correct drying instructions.


dries immediately


It does not soak into the fabric.

not toxic

It makes a smooth bond with leather and lace.

It takes relatively less time to adhere to the fabric.

Does not contain harmful chemicals.


Dry cleaning weakens its results

has a pungent odor

Not suitable for soft fabrics.

Not 100% from natural sources.

Dry cleaning is not a good option

who should buy

This glue is very useful to apply on heavy fabrics, leather and lace. Since it is waterproof, you can easily use it for washable fabrics. It is also highly recommended for tailors and fashion designers.

8. MastaPlasta Self Adhesive Plaster – The ultimate cloth patch


Formula:Water based and solvent free

washing time:24 hours

Binding Durability:In the middle

cutting technique

Many colors, sizes and designs.


fancy fabric

Does not require heating

No tools required

Compatible materials: leather, suede, faux leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics.

What I like

Practical for a variety of materials.
Although these patches are made of leather, they are versatile. They can be used on a variety of materials, not just leather.
These patches are great for covering holes or distinguishing personal items.

These patches are flexible. That means you don't have to worry about it breaking or falling apart.
The material stands up to normal wear and tear, making the biggest problems easy to fix.

perfect application
This is a very easy to apply leather patch.
You can solve a variety of problems in minutes. .
Because it comes in a variety of colors, you can easily match it with different fabrics as well.

Easy to cut and fix.
The patches are easily cut into any shape and hold the affected part in place. Also, the patch stays in place for a long time.

What I do not like

The glue is sticky and firm.
If you put the patch in the wrong position, it will be very difficult to remove.
Be careful when applying these patches as they don't leave much room for error.

Visible on some surfaces
The patches are not that thin and can be seen on certain surfaces.
This can cause problems when you want to create a flat surface.

It may not work in the corners.
These self-adhesive patches are very thick and you may have trouble applying them to the concerns.


Useful for a wide range of materials.

It can also be adjusted to cover minor blemishes.

Available in many different colors

Very reliable for leather, suede and upholstery.

Comes with easy peel and stick application.

Suitable for any environment.


Only hand washing is possible.

Not ideal for small adjustments.

The patches are small


who should buy

Patches are highly recommended for those who want to cover their leather and vinyl surfaces without sewing. Also, these are useful for both: sewers and non-sewers.
For sewing purposes, you can repair small holes without much effort. Likewise, it can also be used for non-sewing related purposes.


Sewing is not the only option when you need to combine two fabrics. A sometimes easier and faster method is to use fabric glue.

Deciding which fabric glue to use and which one is right for the materials you are using is time consuming. This list is designed to help you quickly select the best textile glue for your needs.

Use this list the next time you shop for fabric glue for best results.


I am Jessica, mother of two children and a passionate seamstress.
From a very young age I developed a passion for the creative arts, from drawing to sewing to quilting. I saw it as a way to escape, create and most importantly indulge by showing my creations around me. The desire to transmit this passion is becoming more and more important, which is why I share my experience and knowledge online.

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