The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (2023)

Whether you're looking to save space in your cozy apartment or just need to accommodate the occasional guest, sofa beds (also known as sofa beds) are the right choice.

They are the number one way to get the best of the world of sofas and mattresses without having to buy both.

A sofa and a bed in one affordable package? Sounds like an awesome idea!

But imagine ordering one online and diving into it only to be greeted by a metal rod pushed up your spine.

Not nice. How can anyone sleep well with that?

This is what happens with sofa beds: most of them are downright unpleasant to sleep on. It's like an identity crisis caused the average sofa bed to suck for being a sofa or a bed.

But luckily, not all of them are designed to deprive you of comfort.

Don't worry, we are here to help you find the sofa bed of your dreams with alist of the best and most comfortable sofa beds!

Stay inside and learn:

  • How to choose a sofa bed
  • best cheap sofa bed
  • best futon sleeper sofa
  • The Best Splurge-worthy Sofa Bed
  • best small sofa bed
  • The best sofa not bed

Let's go there.

How to choose a sofa bed

What is the problem with sofa beds and why do so many people hate them?

As it turns out, there are a lot of good reasons why most people who have had the experience of owning a sofa bed would swear not to buy one.

So before you jump into sofa bed shopping, take a moment to discover the quirks of these sofa beds.

These are some of the not so obvious butImportant things to know when it comes to sofa beds.

There are many types of sofa beds.

When someone mentions sofa beds, the first thing that comes to mind is the standard pullout. It's the one with the nasty metal bar pushing you down as you struggle to get a good night's sleep.

Fortunately, the standard folding is not the only type of bed, far from it. There are many better designed sleepers, each with their own quirks.

From day beds, futons, trundle beds, rollaway beds and many more, the list is huge. So don't be discouraged if one type of sofa bed doesn't work and try a different option.

Mattress, or sofa, or neither?

Poorly made, sofa beds are notorious for being miserable to sleep on. But did you know that you should expect sofa beds to be less comfortable than their freestanding counterparts?

Unlike a normal sofa, sleepers are much more restrictive in how they can be built. There's just less room to include some of the things that make a sofa a sofa, like spring support.

After all, a bed has to fit somewhere.

On the other hand, the mattress will be limited in its thickness and materials. Which means they are often not as comfortable as proper beds.

So you might want to think twice about using them as a primary sofa or bed, unless you're desperate to save space. Instead, they work best as a secondary sofa that holds a guest bed.

They are difficult to move and get into the house.

One of the first considerations when choosing a sofa bed is whether it fits in the living room.

Fortunately, some of the sofa beds are designed to be disassembled, allowing them to fit up narrow stairs.

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What is not so great is that they are much heavier than normal sofas and have metal parts.

How heavy are they? Well, they can reach 100kg depending on the mechanism used to activate the bed.

For this reason, it is important to think about how to place them at home and if they will have to be moved once assembled. The sellers should be able to give you a better idea on these things.

They are not the easiest to maintain.

Sofa bed maintenance is a big problem, especially since the good ones are quite expensive. Your children and your cat hadbetter not destroy it.

But unfortunately, accidents are likely to happen, so it is advisable to think ahead.

The most likely part to ruin the sofa is the fabric. The claws, stains, and vomit from drunken guests are the usual culprits.

By design,most sofa beds come upholstered so you don't remove the fabric covers and throw them in the washing machine🇧🇷 That means you're going to want to pick a really good fabric.

Sunbrella or other performance fabrics are your best they are incredibly resistant to wear and tear, as well as being resistant to water and stains.

These super fabrics are a commonly available option on more expensive sofa beds to keep them protected. But be prepared to pay around $1,000 for that premium.

Alternatively, get acustom coverprotecting your sofa bed is a good idea and a few hundred dollars cheaper. The best part is that they are custom designed so you don't lose the clean lines of the sofa and are machine washable for easy cleaning.

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Do you have all this? Good job, you are ready to choose the sofa bed of your dreams! Without further ado, let's jump right intothe best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022:

Best cheap sofa bed:Sectional sofa IKEA Friheten

The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (1)

As IKEA's favorite daybed, it's no exaggeration to say that the Friheten might just be the most popular (or at least most purchased) daybed in the world.

And if you're looking for an affordable basic sofa bed, look no further.

Priced at $599 for the 3-seater sofa bed, you might expect the Friheten to be just a basic sofa bed without the added chutzpah, but that's not true.

In fact, the Friheten has a full suite of smart features and offers a refined experience that goes well beyond what you might expect from a bedroom in this price range.

On the one hand, the Frihetenchaise is actually a storage chaise that can be lifted up to store whatever you want inside🇧🇷 Without a doubt, this one is designed for people to store the bedding that is used with the sofa bed in an easily accessible place.

In addition to being very convenient, the chaise longue also matches the space-saving aspect that many people look for in daybeds.

When it comes to comfort, the Friheten is designed with a trundle-style folding bed with springs. What does it meanno force is needed to operate itand it can be transformed into its daybed state as easily as pulling one of the included folds to make it bounce.

No kidding, it's so easy to operate that even with just one hand, you can transform it from a sofa to a sofa bed in less than 10 seconds. pink promise.

To make things more stylish, having an easy-open trundle bed also means you have a makeshift stool ready to go whenever you need it. Just come home, kick back and relax!

And the comfort? Well, Friheten isn't exactly something you'd write about. It's decent (for a sofa bed), but overall it offers a pretty firm seat... and it sleeps.

While this can be great for back pain, pillows may never reach the softness some people are used to, even after breaking them down over time.Having a mattress protector ready would be a good idea here..

Ultimately, the Friheten is what it is: a large, convenient daybed with a price that's hard to argue with.

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The fact that it is globally available at IKEA around the world andcan be delivered flat packedmeans that virtually anyone can get one and take it home, making Frihetenthe perfect basic sofa bed for everyone.

Best futon bed:Costa Dawn Futon

The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (2)

Those looking for a simple daybed that will get the job done might want to consider the lovely Sunrise Coast Futon.

While this futon may not be the most impressive daybed in town, it's simple, stylish, and works well.

Available on Amazon, the Sunrise Coast is surprisingly modern and stylish, priced at less than $350 (at the time of this writing). It also offers more comfort than you might expect for its price, both as a bed and as a sofa.

While futon-style sleeper sofas don't look or work quite as well as the main sofa in the living room, they're particularly useful for those who don't need the full job.

Think of it as the solution to accommodate infrequent guests. It wouldn't make sense to use a sofa bed that doesn't get much use.

Simple in its setup and function, the Sunrise Coast Futon can be easily assembled on its own (unlike the Friheten) and placed in the corner of your office, bedroom, or anywhere. Theirrelativelylightweight to 100 lbs (45 kg) sleeper sofa and is only 72” (182 cm) long.

With someone else to help, it wouldn't be too hard to move either.

Adding to the theme of simplicity, this futon can be seamlessly converted into its bed form in seconds. A nifty added feature is that you can adjust the recline of the backrest as you sit down to rest.

Ultimately, this daybed won't make anyone green with envy. But if you're looking for something simple that works without a hitch, this might be for you.

Of course, the most enticing reason to buy it is that it costs less than half of what it takes to buy a decent, fully-fledged daybed.

Best splurge-worthy sofa bed: American Leather Comfort Series

The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (3)

The closest thing to a true fusion between sofa and bed, American Leather sofa beds are famous in the world of sofa beds.

They are practically theMercedes of sofa beds is one of the options when you want something first class and you are willing to pay for it.

That means be prepared to pay upwards of $3,500 for one of their queen-size beds, and that's for the fabric upholstery.

Read the IKEA Morabo sofa review

You can also choose to get your leather sofas, which will burn a hole the size of $7,000 in your wallet or more. Damn.

Perhaps what makes American Leather so special is the amount of customization they offer their customers.

From the size to the material of the cloth, the color and the type of mattress, you name it. Even more impressive is that they have so many sofa styles to choose from to create the perfect daybed.

Yes, you can even get a sectional sleeper sofa with a full king mattress in hot pink if you prefer.

Personalization aside, what makes American Leather great for sleeping is Tiffany's patented 24/7 system for its sofas. In your own words, it means“no bars, no springs, pure comfort.”

In short, the mattress is supported by a tri-fold platform that effortlessly folds out of the daybed. The protruding metal bars disappear!

The mattresses themselves are full size and fold out on the tri-fold platform. They are protected by zippers that allow you to release them when changing the sheets.

After placing the sheets, the mattress can be folded back into the sofa with the sheets ready for use.

To make things even more comfortable,You can also specify the type of mattress.🇧🇷 Although at the moment there are only two options; gel and foam.

Between the two, the gel mattress is more premium and has a softer touch for those who really like to treat their guests 🙂

(Video) ✔️ The Best Sofa Beds REVIEW for the money ☛ CONVERTIBLE sofa bed ✋ Most COMFORTABLE sofa bed

How is a sofa? Also very good. The down-fill pillow option helps soften things up for a supportive but not too firm seat.

The only real negative about American leather sleepers, aside from the price, is how heavy they are. A queen size bed can weigh over 250 pounds, something that cannot be moved without help.

Despite the weight, it is still possible to assemble without destroying the rear (and door frame) as a unit.can be taken apart and reassembled for "easy" movement.

You can even have the various handymen employed by the retailers that sell American leather sofas deliver and set up the parts for you.

That's right, retailers. Unfortunately, American leather sofa beds cannot be ordered online from their main website, which is a shame. Although this does increase the number of showrooms buyers can visit and test drive to see if this is the sleeper they are willing to pay for.

And this is definitely something you'll want to do when considering such a large purchase.

The best small sofa bed: Berin Hostels

The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (4)

The Berin sofa is small. At 72" at its smallest size, the Berin fits perfectly in spaces where there isn't much... room. The kind of "apartment-sized" room anyone looking for a sleeper sofa can have.

What is not small, however, is that of Berin.full size queen mattress🇧🇷 Small sofa, big substance.

One of the more affordable sofa beds around (both in terms of availability and delivery), the Berin can be found in one of Room & Board's many showrooms. You can even go inside to try it yourself!

Room & Board in general specializes in creating beautiful, high-quality furniture and Berin is no different. It's modern with sleek lines and has plenty of customization options R&B is known for.

Except this time the couch isn't made by R&B. actually theBerin is made by American Leather, although it is branded R&B.

This is bad? Definitely not.

This means you can enjoy the same bells and whistles of the American Leather comfort series while getting your R&B sofa, which isfamous for being one of the most customer-focused sofa brands.

Tri-fold platform, Tiffany 24/7 box spring system, mattress with zipper attached to the frame: all the work is there. Although with Berin you have a lot less customization options (there are still plenty).

Choose from an impressive collection of fabrics and different sofa legs to suit your needs. If you don't want a sofa that small, you can even buy it in multiple sizes, each with a full-size mattress.

Just don't expect the unmatched customization that American Leather sofas boast, which some may even find overwhelming.

One thing that might put some people off the Berin is the fact that you don't have the option to select the type of mattress you want. And by default, themattress that comes with the Berin is firm.

It is made of high-density foam, after all, so be prepared to search for a good pillow to accommodate those with softer touches.

The seat itself is also firmer, but not as uncomfortable. It's more of a preference type, but don't take our word for it. Remember that these are the two things thatit can be tested by going to a showroom and trying it out yourself.

All in all, the Berin really isn't that different from American Leather sleepers, which means it makes a great daybed. What makes it even better, though, is that it's sold through Room & Board, who have a reputation for incredible customer service.

From the wonderfully trained sales staff, excellentReturn Policy, and the option to deliver and assemble the sofa bed, it's hard to see why the Berin shouldn't be your choice if you're willing to invest and don't need the "pimp my sofa" treatment through customization.

Bonus: The Best Sofa for No Sleeping: Cama Bestar Murphy

The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (5)

Many are unfamiliar with the futuristic Murphy bed, even though it offers one of themore complete solutions for the need for a sofa bed🇧🇷 That's why it was given a place on this list.

Murphy beds represent a whole category of “hidden beds in furniture” that can be hidden to save space.

And if you're looking for a way to reclaim guest room space while also providing your guests with sleep-inducing accommodations, consider checking out the Bestar Universel Full (and yes, they spelled Universal) Murphy Bed.

(Video) Futons vs. Sofa Beds vs. Daybeds

At just 59” long (150 cm), the Bestar Wall Bed is simple. In fact, no one will notice that it is a bed, since it iscleverly disguised wardrobe.

But with just a pull of the cabinet handles, the bed springs up, revealing a plush, full-size mattress. Not just any sofa bed mattress, we're talking about a proper freestanding mattress, soexpect extra comfort.

Or at least it will be just as comfortable if you give it a comfortable mattress, like thethe mattress itself is purchased separately from the murphy bed.

Not only can you go crazy with your mattress selection, but you can also take it out of the closet and back with almost no effort, sheets and pillows at the ready.

To sweeten the pot, there is little restriction on the mattress used at Bestar as it will accommodate any full size mattress. As long as the mattress depth is 10 inches or less, it can be folded back into the closet.

Perhaps the best reason to use Bestar is the fact that when folded, the unit takes up almost no floor space.

This gives you the opportunity to use what would otherwise be a guest room into whatever you want, be it a temporary office or a home gym.

And at just over $1,000, it's also a much cheaper option compared to the price of a top-of-the-line daybed and still provides a sleep experience beyond what you'd get on a daybed mattress. .

Seriously, between the price difference between this American leather, you could buy a good mattress for the murphy bed, a sofa too, and something else.

However, one thing that might intimidate buyers is the fact thatBestar does not offer assembly services🇧🇷 It's sold on Amazon, which is great for logistics, but once the boxes arrive on the porch, it's up to you (and hopefully a friend) to set it up, which could take up to half a day.

But if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and can't justify choosing some of the more expensive bed options, a trundle bed would be your next best option.

It's affordable, comfortable, and as big as a regular bed. In addition, you will have the option of selecting a large freestanding sofa that you will love.

Keep your sofa bed protected and like new

Finding a good sofa bed is an expensive investment, everyone knows that. Virtually all of them are also upholstered, making spills and stubborn stains a particularly painful headache to clean.

What's worse is that buying a super fabric like Sunbrella isn't cheap either. You can quickly add up to a thousand dollars to your final bill.

I wish there was a way to keep that new daybed safe from the terrors of kids, pets, and drunken guests.

Good news there! introducingcustom covers:

The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (6)

Ta-da! We've just given this Friheten a new look with a set of covers that fit like a dream. Hard to believe they didn't come with the sofa (which is upholstered).

They are like the covers that you did not know existed for your sofa.

To spice things up even more, our covers are machine washable to minimize the work required to keep your bed spotless, soft and comfortable.

In fact, we recently launched a fabric that's durable enough to protect your sofa from pets, while watchingstylish enough for an influencer's home.

The best and most comfortable sofa beds of 2022 (7)

So if you live in a house with messy things and messy people, and you expect your new sofa bed to be treated with less respect; consider buying a sofa cover to protect your sofa.

You can even use them in conjunction with the original fabric of the sofa bed to change colors, while being more affordable than splurging on more expensive sofa fabric options.

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you are now ready to choose (or make) the daybed of your dreams. Happy hunting!

Are you interested in getting a custom slipcover for your sofa bed? Visit us on our main website and explore the various brands we serve:


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